Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas Inc.

Standing Coalition Committees

Our volunteers and Coalition members include community based agencies, health care providers, program participants, business representatives, policy makers, government representatives, community leaders, medical providers, managed care representatives, and other concerned residents interested in helping moms and babies in our community and supporting maternal and child health outcomes.

To join us, call Beth Kirkwood at 727-507-6330 ext. 224 or download our PDF application.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee leads the Board consideration of financial issues and recommends actions to the Board. The committee meets as needed to review financial and budgetary reports and policies and recommends actions and policies for Board approval.


Fetal & Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Committee

The Fetal & Infant Mortality Review is a process of community-based fetal and infant mortality reviews attempting to explain the factors and issues that affect infant mortality and morbidity. It is anticipated that this knowledge will empower communities to enhance service, influence policy, and direct planning efforts that will ultimately lower mortality rates. This program, based on the national FIMR, is an initiative of the American College of Obstetricians-Gynecologists. This committee meets monthly.


Planning and Evaluation Committee

The Planning and Evaluation leads the Board's participation in planning activities and recommends revised plans to the board. They also monitor the implementation of Health Service Delivery Plan and recommends action plans to committees and the board. The committee meets regularly to review and revise the Service Delivery Plan, implement the planning elements of the action plan and recommend policies, plans, procedures, and schedules for board involvement in planning and evaluation activities.


Quality Improvement Committee

Professionals in the areas of maternal/child health and education. The QI Committee reviews quarterly reports of Healthy Start contracts to assure that performance targets are being met. Action plans are submitted where goals are not met. The members of the committee monitors progress and makes suggestions for improvement. There are opportunities for the members to participate in on-site chart monitoring and home visit observations. The committee also participates with input in the Coalition’s Service Delivery Plan.

To join a Coalition Committee, contact Beth Kirkwood by phone 727-507-6330 ext. 224.