Our MomCare Program is sponsored by Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). MomCare offers you support if you have Medicaid coverage for your pregnancy.  Pregnant women with household incomes up to 185% of the federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for Medicaid insurance while they are pregnant.

Enrollment and knowing about services available to you can be confusing.  A MomCare Advisor will contact you once you have been approved for your Medicaid and will help you get the care and services you need. Your MomCare Advisor will:

  • Explain your pregnancy Medicaid options.
  • Help you find a doctor or midwife for prenatal care and make prenatal appointments.
  • Refer you to local programs including the Healthy Start Program and services such as childbirth education, breastfeeding education, help to stop smoking, and nutritional counseling.
  • Connect you with other community resources that may be helpful.
  • Mail you educational information.
  • Help you find a local pediatrician that accepts Medicaid.
  • Provide information about services like Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC) and Florida KidCare

To apply for Pregnancy Medicaid and enroll in MomCare:

  • Know your income and see if you meet these guidelines (as of April, 2017).  Child support and SSI are not counted as income.

Household Size
(Include Your Unborn Child)

Gross Monthly Income
(Before Taxes)
















  • Apply online: and click on “Apply for Benefits” to apply for Pregnancy Medicaid Insurance. Make note of your application number and any other information you get when complete your application.
  • Fax the following documents to 1-866-940-7126.  Note each paged faxed should include your name, date of birth, and your Medicaid application number or DCF case number.
    • Form of identification.  For example, your driver’s license.
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship (for example, birth certificate) OR Non-citizen status.
    • Proof of income for the last 4 weeks for all household members listed on your IRS tax return.

Once you have Pregnancy Medicaid:
Medicaid Recipients now receive their health care through a Medicaid managed care plan and you should receive a letter from AHCA advising that you must choose a Medicaid Managed Care Pan. To then make this choice, go to the following site: or call 1-877-711-3662.  If you do not choose a plan, one will be chosen for you; you will automatically be enrolled in one of the plans. To make sure you know which plan you want, check with your prenatal provider to see which plans their office accepts. If you do not have a provider yet, our MomCare Advisor can help you find one.

Starting Prenatal Care Early

The first trimester of pregnancy is a critical period in which all the major body systems begin their development. If you have not chosen a prenatal care provider, your MomCare Advisor will help you find one. We want to help you get prenatal care as early as possible. Having good health and care at this time is important.

Contact our MomCare Advisor for help:

Sabrina Diaz (habla español)
(727) 507-4260 ext. 230