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Beds for Babies

Our goal is to prevent infant, sleep related deaths due to suffocation and asphyxiation by educating parents and caregiver about safe sleep guidelines and by providing a portable crib/pack and play.

Pack and plays are used because they are portable, easy to assemble, it can be used for sleeping or as a playpen for the first year of life. Furthermore, is the most cost effective unit for safety, value, and longevity.



ABCs of safe sleep

If you are in need of a safe place for your baby to sleep:

  • Call The Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas at (727) 507-6330 ext. 238, 229 or 230.

  • You must participate in the safe sleep education and assembly demonstration.

  • When this session concludes you must be able to demonstrate the ability to assemble the pack and play and also recall safe sleep guidelines.

  • You must be a Pinellas County resident.

  • Eligible if not already participating in a program that can provide a safe place for the baby to sleep

  • Quantities are limited.

  • Other eligibility may apply.


Send us a note, and let us share with you the program details.


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Safe Sleep



The following resources are available to share with others:


Safe to Sleep® video from the National Institute of Health