Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas Inc.

FIMR - Fetal and Infant Mortality Review

The Fetal & Infant Mortality Review is a process of community-based fetal and infant mortality reviews attempting to explain the factors and issues that affect infant mortality. It is anticipated that this knowledge will empower communities to enhance service, influence policy, and direct planning efforts that will ultimately lower mortality rates. This program, based on the national FIMR, is an initiative of the American College of Obstetricians-Gynecologists.

Though great strides have been made in reducing the infant mortality rate, Florida's rate is still above most states and industrialized countries. The nonwhite fetal and infant mortality rate is twice the white rate in Florida. The methodical investigations of the diverse factors that contribute to individual deaths allow communities to respond to the needs that are identified by the reviews. The Healthy Start Coalitions strives to move recommendations into appropriate actions.

FIMR: How the Process Works

  • A local Infant Mortality Committee of the Healthy Start Coalition provides an analysis of the basic statistical and epidemiological aspects of fetal and infant mortality, and then selects objectives, plans, and manages the review process.

  • The review process includes the technical tasks of record audits and parental interviews, as well as presentation of the deidentified information and analysis by an expert review panel that make specific recommendations to the local community for action. Interviews are conducted not only to obtain information, but to ensure that families are receiving appropriate support and follow-up.

  • The Expert Review Panel (often called the Community Case Review Team) reviews and analyzes the findings of the interviews and record abstractions. This panel usually includes a district and local health officer, obstetrician, pediatrician, social worker, nurse-midwife, a hospital and community nurse, coroner or medical examiner, interviewer, abstractor, community outreach worker, mental health counselor, and other people important to the individual reviews.

  • A Community Review Panel (often called the Community Action Group) of local experts, representatives of the health department, hospital, medical society and other health professional groups, community leaders, school, civic and business leaders, and consumers implement the recommendations of the expert panel.

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