Family Planning Waiver Application

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Free Family Planning Services for 2 years!

(Medicaid Family Planning Waiver Program)

Women of childbearing age (14-55) who have lost full Medicaid coverage for any reason (not just pregnancy coverage), can receive free Family Planning Services for up to 2 years.

Family Planning Services include:

  • Initial & annual family planning office visits
  • Required lab tests and pap smear
  • Family planning counseling visits
  • Contraceptive supply visits
  • Voluntary sterilization including tubal ligations
  • Screening for HIV
  • Limited diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and other gynecological problems including colposcopy.

Where to receive services: Ask your prenatal care provider if they will provide these Family Planning services at their office. If they do not,  the waiver is accepted at the following medical facilities: 

  • Evara Health: 824-8181 – Clearwater, Pinellas Park & St. Petersburg 
  • Pinellas County Health Department: (application assistance also available) Clearwater: 727-275-6572, Largo: 727-275-6357, Pinellas Park: 727-369-3928, Tarpon Springs: 727-942-5457 & St. Petersburg: 727-568-8093
  • Turley Family Health Center: 467-2400 – Clearwater 
  • Ladies & Babies: 781-3448 – Palm Harbor 
  • Bayfront Family Health Center: 893-6198 – St. Petersburg 

**Unless you have been automatically enrolled after Medicaid coverage has ended, an application must be submitted for each year of coverage. For the second year of coverage you must complete an application and before your baby’s first birthday.** 

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Family Planning application